Personal Coaching

Personal coaching begins with a free 20-minute discovery session so that we may get acquainted and find out if coaching is right for you.

Personal coaching is an ongoing experience where you hire a coach to help guide and direct your journey. A coach is experienced at helping you reach your target goals in a way that lovingly holds you accountable for becoming more present, authentic and successful while leading a balanced and amazing life. Coaches can help you find greater inner peace, solve complex life challenges, change jobs/careers, start or build a business, get into, or out of, a relationship and much more...

Fees range from $300 to $600 for 4 half-hour phone sessions each month. Your fee depends on the arrangements made between you and your designated Coach.

We have a team of amazing, professionally trained Coaches here to help you create the changes you desire. To get started, Click Here to schedule a free 20-min phone consultation so that you may be properly assigned to one of our amazing Coaches. Once you have been assigned a Coach, the rest is up to you and your Coach as to how you will proceed.