About Your Mentors

These Ladies have all done THE WORK! They are truly amazing. Each with an extensive spiritual background, they are all highly intuitive and have either been personally trained and certified as a Coach by Wanda Marie, or well vetted by her to be a part of the LadyUp Leadership Team.

Call a Mentor: As your Mentors, these Ladies have all completed the 6-month empowerment training program and meet all the requirements for being an amazing LadyUp Mentor. You may call upon them to answer your questions about the course/program materials anytime. They do not charge for those quick check-in calls/texts, so reach out when needed. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Counseling Sessions: Again, these Ladies are all intuitive/spiritual counselors and are here to help you when you need more than a quick check-in call. They are a compassionate voice there to listen, bring about more insight and clarity for you to make the best decisions for whatever you're going through. See Spiritual Counseling.

Ongoing Coaching: These Ladies are Licensed Professionals or Certified Coaches that bring a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to our sisterhood community. They are your Coaches when you are ready to take your life to the next level. Weekly coaching sessions will get you on track and hold you accountable for attaining your desired success. See Personal Coaching.

Contact these Ladies When Needed

Please be mindful of time zones and do not call or text late at night. Contact information for our Mentors is provided for members needing their services. Soliciting Mentors for any other reason is strictly prohibited and swords will fly! Just Saying...

Connie McKnight
Call/Text: 702-502-9806
Las Vegas, NV

Ladypreneur! Connie works as an admin and medical assistant while growing her own business, Connie's Chicken Kitchen. Visit her FB page.

Doris-Owanda Johnson
Call/Text: 310-562-5365
Hendersonville, NC

Health & Wellness Coach, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She's a Ladypreneur, founder of Heart & Soul Wellness Institute. Visit her website.

Jackie Coley, PhD
Call/Text: 704-244-6613
Candler, NC

Specialized Career Coach. She's a Ladypreneur, guiding and directing those with PhD's looking for more focus and meaning in their careers. Visit her website.

Janet Nichols
Call/Text: 828-779-9488
Asheville, NC

Certified Life Coach and Financial Wealth Coach and Trainer. She's a Ladypreneur, Real Estate Broker and Investor, dedicated to helping women become financially healthy.

Jennifer Lanning
Call/Text: 828-768-0479
Arden, NC

Certified Life Coach, Inner Peace Coach, Trainer, and Licensed Spiritual Counselor. She's a Ladypreneur, North Carolina Real Estate Broker.

Melissa Webb
Call/Text: 828-712-4838
Hendersonville, NC

Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor. She's a Ladypreneur, Broker and Owner of EXIT Realty Experts.

Nakisha Williams
Call/Text: 214-629-5642
Yukon, OK

Certified Life Coach and Master Mentor with the Network, in charge of the Thursday group calls. She's also a LadyPro, Professional Paralegal.

Tara Thomas
Call/Text: (323) 397-6156
Los Angeles, CA

Certified Inner Peace Coach and Spiritual Counselor. She's a Ladypreneur, Yoga Therapist, Instructor and Fitness Trainer. Visit her website.

Ms. Venita
Call/Text: 315-542-3280
Syracuse, NY

Certified Inner Peace Coach, Trainer and Spiritual Counselor. She's a Ladypreneur, founder of Tyler Marcel, a beauty works firm empowering women to be beautiful from the inside out. Visit her website.

Become a Mentor: One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is the feeling of helping someone succeed in life. Once you've completed the six-month training, you may qualify to become a mentor. Click here for more information.