Feed the Mind & Soothe the Soul.

After attending 3 live coaching calls, paid members may request to be assigned a personal mentor. Your mentor is there to answer your questions, provide insight, and share your aha moments. Should you ever feel stuck and need more, we offer Spiritual Counseling for guidance and Personal Coaching for moving forward. Click here to meet the mentors.


We have a team of highly sensitive and intuitive Spiritual Counselors and Practitioners ready to provide personal guidance for everyday challenges. Each session provides spiritual tools and principles to help change your life and move you forward. Sessions are all done by phone or web conferencing and fees are $85 per half-hour. There is a 20% discount to those who have been members of the LadyUp Network for at least 2 months and have fully participated in the group calls. Contact us to schedule a session.


Personal coaching begins with a free 20-minute free discovery session. Coaching is an ongoing experience where you hire a coach to help guide and direct your journey. A coach is experienced at helping you reach your target goals in a way that lovingly holds you accountable for becoming more present, authentic and successful while leading a balanced and amazing life. Fees vary from $75 to $150 per half-hour session.

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