The 2022 LadyUp Playbook is Available Now!

Your No. 1 Tool for Getting Focused!

To download the Playbook, click the download link below and print in color or black and white. To save ink, we recommend printing in black and white, and

  1. Print pages 1-22 (the actual Playbook), then

  2. Print only the current monthly pages (8 pages per month).

Click Here to Download the 2022 Playbook!

Click Here for the live training recorded 1/8/22

To Get Organized: You don't have to do this, you can simply use a 3-ring binder and be done - OR, you can go the extra mile and have some fun with it as follows:

Live Training On Getting the Most From Your Playbook

Live Call on Using the Playbook

How to Set Up Your Supplies

How to Read the Cards

Create Your Vision Board on