Coach Wanda Marie

I’m happy you’re here! I’m Wanda Marie, founder of Legacy Lifestyles LLC, a company specializing in women’s empowerment and relationship coaching and training.

With an extensive background as a Certified Master Coach, I've had the privilege and honor of personally coaching such women as Civil Rights Leader and Speaker, Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Film and TV Star Trek Actress, Iona Morris, Hollywood Makeup Artist, Carol Rasheed and countless other powerful women, including lawyers, financial advisors, psychotherapists and others.

After years of empowering women to "have it all," I realized these powerful women were lacking something important, grace and ease in their lives. These were power driven women which often caused conflict with the men in their lives. So, I wrote the book, "LadyUp" and founded this network of women empowering each other to lead more grace-filled and amazing lives. This is a network where insecure women learn step into their power, and powerful women find more balance.

If you are an empowered woman, I hope you will join us in an effort to empower other women. If you feel a bit shy and insecure, I hope you will join us to become more empowered.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Wanda Marie